About the restaurant

The Chinese Stories restaurant – is a modern project by professionals of catering business of Russia and Singapore. The establishment offers its guests an original mix of dishes of traditional Singapore cuisine and the cuisine of South China regions. One of the famous in Feng shui specialists of South-East Asia has worked to create the harmonious interior. The hall is stylistically divided into “Fire zone” where guests charge with the energy, and “Water zone” where they feel relaxation and peace. Authentic recipes of the dishes on the menu have been brilliantly adapted by the international team of chefs, under the leadership of recognized master-chef Jeremy Kah Hou. Approximately 300 ingredients are either unique for Russia or are imported from China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Well-known bestsellers, amongst which is the Beijing duck, Harbin salad and Singapore chili-crab, have found a new sound here. The entire menu is an invitation to an intriguing gastronomic experiment, where the regular things show their unexpected side and amaze.

In the harmony of meanings, appearance, smells and tastes, is the moral of the story, which the restaurant unhurriedly and carefully tells its guests.